Sergeant Major Pulley,

I want to thank MVS for connecting me with Chesapeake Energy and for helping me get the initial interview.

LCpl Adam Gilbreath
CamPen (July 2013)


Military Veteran solutions truly cares about Veterans and is ALWAYS working for you. My transition into civilian life would not have worked out this well without their superb support! I now work for a great company in the oil and gas industry. Brooklyn Pulley provided outstanding customer service and was always just a phone call away. I highly recommend Military Veteran Solutions!

T.M.Hurd, U.S. Marine Veteran


Sgt.Maj. (Ret.) Frank Pulley and Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) are instrumental in helping APT College define and execute our military education services. Sgt.Maj. Pulley’s vast military experience and understanding of military educational needs has helped us establish relationships with military bases throughout southern California. Beyond Sgt.Maj. Pulley’s professional skills and dedication, we value his positive demeanor that comes through in all that he does. We strongly recommend Frank and always look forward to working with him.

Steven W. Blume
Chief Executive Officer



I highly recommend Military Veterans Solutions (MVS) to anyone who is looking to hire or train military veterans! MVS goes above and beyond to “connect” quality employers and quality employees. I’ve personally seen and benefited from the high caliber military veteran candidates! Frank Pulley truly CARES about companies and their mission, vision, culture and core values. He is keenly adept at identifying key problem areas and providing sound and cost-effective solutions. ASC is extremely proud to be in MVS’ select network of military/veteran-friendly supporters serving our nation’s veterans.

Danny Thomas
Master Sergeant
USMC (Retired)
Accurate Safety Compliance



I have known Frank Pulley for over 20 years! Frank and his company Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) enjoy sterling reputations and an effective “second to none” nationwide network – military and civilian. Through this network, MVS has direct access to a diverse pool of skilled and highly-qualified military veteran candidates who are ideally suited for a wide variety of industries.

Russell Meier
Regional Director Linehaul (West Coast)
ROADRUNNER Transportation Services



Thanks for the recognition! As a matter of fact, I had an employer call me this morning. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Please tell the “Sergeant Major” hello for me and that I thank YOU and “MVS” so much!

Paul V.
May 2012


I first met SgtMaj Frank Pulley (USMC, Ret.) in 2010 when he was the company president of a military transition organization that facilitated a course of instruction for oil and gas industry certifications. Hundreds of Marines (including me) benefited from his positive influence and from the solid relationships and strong rapport he has with the various personnel and agencies aboard the base. What struck me most about Frank back then and still today is his passion (which is second to none) and genuine desire to help put others in a position to succeed. He and his team “keep the faith” with veterans and routinely go above and beyond to help transitioning service members. I TRUST FRANK PULLEY and the Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) team is FIRST CLASS! PERIOD!

P. Vanek


Frank Pulley, President, Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) has had a powerful impact on our military programs! He has helped hundreds of military veterans find highly skilled jobs after their tour of duty is over. It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with Frank and MVS now and into the future.

Dr. Joseph M. Grimm
InovaTech College of Business and Technology


Frank Pulley (President, Military Veteran Solutions) has a burning desire to “serve those who have served” and his constant pursuit of excellence is contagious! I thoroughly enjoyed working with MVS while they helped us enhance our military/veteran outreach programs. ACOT plans to continue relying on MVS’ services to help increase the awareness and expand our educational offerings across the USA.


Lute Atieh
Director of Operations
American Business and Technology University


“I want to thank Military Veteran Solutions – MVS for helping with my transition from the U.S. Marine Corps. I was having a very difficult time finding the right career field until I contacted Mr. Frank Pulley (Retired Marine SgtMaj). He took a personal interest in my situation, listened to my concerns and provided sound advice by steering me to a school called Airstreams Renewable Inc.. With the superb transition assistance advice that I received from “MVS” and the outstanding training I received from Airstreams Renewables, I am more confident than ever that I have found my new career and have a bright future!

Thanks again “MVS”!

B. White, USMC
May 2012


Sir, I would like to thank you, your daughter (Brooklyn), and your company, Military Veteran Solutions for helping me with my transition to civilian life. Ms. Pulley was extremely patient, personable and professional when I contacted her. She took LOTS of time going over everything with me and answered ALL of my questions. The energy company you referred me to contacted me within days of my resume being submitted. The services that MVS provides to military personnel not only helps us getting our foot in the door with a civilian employer, it also drastically cuts down on the level of stress/fear that is involved in transitioning. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the help that you have given me. Also, even though I’m currently deployed overseas, I am “passing the word” to the “stateside” Soldiers about MVS!

Thanks SGM!

Seneca Harbin
SSG, U.S. Army
May 2012


It was my pleasure coming in contact with Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) and Ms. Brooklyn Pulley during my job seeking process.

Brooklyn was available during any time of the day which made me feel as if I was a PRIORITY! I have never met anyone as professional and courteous as her. Without MVS and Brooklyn’s help, I do not think that I could have found this awesome job I have with Chesapeake Energy (Performance Technologies).

Thank you MVS for all of your help!

A. Perez


Col. Steve Fisher, USMC (Ret)

Marine Executive Association (West)

Sergeant Major Frank Pulley, USMC (Ret) continues to be a great leader and mentor for Marines as he has been for a 30+ year active duty Marine Corps career. He is hands down one of the finest and most professional Marines it has been my pleasure and honor to know!

Sergeant Major Pulley possesses the can-do attitude and energy to get any challenging task completed. He seems to thrive on accepting the complex and difficult assignments that most leaders would find daunting…the one in a thousand who possess positive and enthusiastic qualities under the most stressful situations.

He continues to make a difference as he assists our transitioning military during difficult economic times. You can have complete trust and confidence in his sage and well thought out advice. Thanks for all you continue to do Sergeant Major!


James Dicks
President/CEO Information Defense Systems, LLC

No one better on your side than Frank Pulley! I have known the Sergeant Major for many years and without question, this man will go to bat for you. His work ethic speaks for itself; you do not achieve what he did in the Marine Corps without being someone who gets the job done and exhibits the utmost in leadership qualities. I have always admired his professionalism, and personal approach he has taken with me. If you are looking for someone with integrity and the fortitude to help you and your organization to accomplish their goals, Frank Pulley would be my recommendation.


Ivy Gordon, MSOD
Vistage Chair, Group 9132

I met Frank Pulley because of his participation in an executive leadership program I facilitate. I was immediately struck by his passion in helping service members transition from active duty to civilian life.
I believe that this is a calling not just a job for Frank. He lives by his values – his word is a binding contract.

Frank has stepped up to lend his vast leadership experience to others in our group and can always be counted on to give an honest, thoughtful, caring viewpoint.


LtCol Patrick Ford, USMCR
LtCol Ford Testimonial


Paul Monahan, President/CEO, Co-founder, EMN8
hired and managed Frank E. Pulley

Frank is one of the finest men that I’ve met during my career. His celebrated active duty military service to our Country is second, in my opinion to his integrity, energy, determination and commitment to his role and employer. He is a true gentlemen and someone that I had the pleasure to recruit into TT and serve with. Frank has tremendous relationship building skills and an uncanny ability to get things done. He is very well connected and his professional network is solid. I would recommend Frank without reservation to any company looking for a trusted Sr. Level leader you can count on to deliver results and expand the IQ of your organization. July 22, 2011


Col. Jim Guerin, USMC (Ret)

It’s been thirty years since I first met Frank Pulley and over those years I have had the privilege to serve with him and witness his rise in the Marine Corps. Completely trustworthy, this is a man of staunch character and unfaltering integrity. He was always taking care of his Marines. Veterans are fortunate to have Frank Pulley in their corner.


Bill Rogin
CEO, Rogin Entertainment

I’ve worked very closely with Frank Pulley on a number of professional issues, and find him to be a man of utmost integrity. He is extremely genuine, trustworthy, and will go above and beyond to keep his word. In my 20-plus years in the Entertainment industry, as a producer, director, and personal manager, Frank has been a breath of fresh air. I fully endorse him in any professional endeavor in which he may entertain. I don’t give that endorsement lightly, but Frank is certainly the REAL DEAL!


Harold Riggins
Director, Fort Campbell Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP):

Frank Pulley; a great American who served unconditionally as a career Marine and now works relentlessly in helping veterans transitioning out of the military to get great jobs! A complete straight shooter, Frank’s integrity is beyond reproach and his word is as Good as Gold. The Fort Campbell Army Career and Alumni Program doors are always open to him. We love Frank Pulley!!!


Allan Gimian
Director of Business Development and Contract Training

I had the pleasure of working with Frank Pulley on a project designed to provide job certifications to young transitioning Marines, and I can only say the following: Frank displayed a consistent and constant desire to ensure that those leaving the Marine Corps had the best opportunity for success in their post-military lives. Frank truly cares for those he served while in the military and he maintains that same attitude and drive to this day.




SgtMaj Frank E. Pulley, (USMC (Ret.)

R. Lee Ermey Video Testimonial

See What Others Are Saying

I unquestioningly recommend Frank Pulley to any organization looking for a proven leader to shape, transform, and drive excellence. Any other applicant you are considering should be regarded as your “second choice.”

Patrick W. Ford, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Readjustment Counseling Service, Department of Veterans Affairs
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

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