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Military Veteran Solutions, takes online privacy very seriously. Our goal is to gain your trust … before, during and after any information is exchanged.

In working with Military Veteran Solutions, we may collect personal information about you from the information you provide to us when you fill out a contact form or other forms on our website. If a contact form is filled out, that information will be used to help us help you, as well as to help us communicate with you.

Privacy Statement and Policy

Military Veteran Solutions will never share or sell your information to anyone or any entity.

Military Veteran Solutions may store your information, in order to provide you with additional assistance in the future as well.

For more information about our Privacy Statement, please email us or mail us any questions…or you can fill out a contact form located in our Contact Us page:

Frank E. Pulley
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U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

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Military Veteran Solutions reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement and Policy at our sole discretion without notice. Any additions or deletions to the Military Veteran Solutions Privacy Policy will be posted in a timely manner.